The Charm of the Farm


Labor of Love...

Pottery Express and Bamboo Farm has unique items for your home and gardens on a 5 acre property that is scattered with idea gardens showcasing the tropical clumping bamboo and colorful garden pottery and statuary. Whether you are seeking a serene fountain, a single cobalt blue pot, a pair of matching pots for your front entrance, or a special focal point bamboo plant; this place sells what you are looking for.   

We feel very grateful to reminisce on our humble beginnings. Fill dirt from the digging water ditches in the aftermath of Hurricane Charley was used to rise this beautiful farm up from a piece of swamp land. The business opened in July 2004 as an agricultural bamboo farm. We only sell tropical clumping bamboo that stays behaved in its 8 foot growth circle as opposed to the cold tolerant running bamboo that takes over acres of property once planted. We instantly fell in love with the fact that clumping bamboo has so many varieties showcasing beautiful canes in varying size diameters and showy colors. We have chosen a selection of about 20 out of 1000+ species to carry on our farm to suit your needs, whether ornamental or for privacy hedging.    

Slowly, we brought in pottery from Mexico in the rustic clay pots and the brilliantly colored Talavera ceramics. The harsh summer sun and rainy season of Southern Florida made the Vietnamese durable pottery a natural addition to our offerings. Just the feel of the thick and pure clay used to form these pieces of garden art let you know that you can expect to enjoy this sturdy pot for many years with little effort. The beautiful color selections come with a thick glaze that has been high fired to seal the color to the molded clay. We have a long-term relationship with 2 families in Vietnam that produce the handmade pottery for us. Each order takes about 6 months of production time and ocean travel before it is delivered to Punta Gorda.   

Annual excursions to Mexico have resulted in meeting many more families producing folk art items that we are continually adding to our inventory. We value the relationships that we have built with our suppliers and they are very happy to have a way to distribute their creations. Generally, each family has developed a process of their craft that have been handed down for generations. We only buy Talavera from 3 families because they have the highest quality pots and the best painting. The quality is very noticeable when held in comparison to pottery produced by others that do not take as much pride in their craft.   

Recently, we have added several American made lines, such as doTerra essential oils,  Case knives, Woodstock Wind chimes, Studio M flags and doormats, and Henri Stonecaster fountains and statuary. We even have a local artist that will be demonstrating his hand thrown pottery craft and a display of his artful dishware for sale. 

Over 60,000 items set among the connecting warehouses and acreage give shoppers a fun day to venture out away from the shopping malls. We welcome you to just come out and spend time enjoying the beautiful landscape and zen feeling of the walking paths that meander throughout the property. We even have golf carts to help you explore the grounds. We are dog friendly, but do ask that you keep them on a leash, not only for their safety, but for the safety of our guests. Don’t forget to wear comfortable shoes to make exploring our farm and botanical gardens easier. In conclusion, we are so grateful to have this little piece of paradise to share with you!

Smiling Faces



Thanks to a wonderful staff this family business is a labor of love! As CFO, I  take care of all the financial and advertising administration, but enjoy coming out to help with display ideas or talk to customers about two of my passions, bamboo and essential oils!



Talk about working your way up the ladder, Gustavo was hired in October 2010 to keep the grounds clean.  He has done every job along the way, to now running the business as COO.  Customers love to work with him as he is a people person and truly wants to help in any way he can.


 Boone says "Get your humans here to see this awesome place!" 


See all that Vietnamese inventory out there?  Thanks to Lizandro, it stays organized and properly accounted for.  He is also our carpenter and can make magic appear from a drawing scratched out on paper.  Check out the pirate ship deck, the chicken coop and the wimsy outhouse that he built.  They are awesome!


Donna has been here the longest when she started working here in September 2007.  She has performed many functions along the way.  If you love the bright colored Mexican Talavera, then you can thank Donna as she orders and maintains the inventory for this product that we sell locally at the retail level and ship out weekly at the wholesale level.


Dee is our part-time bookkeeper that keeps all of the details in order and cooks delicious treats for us!

Sales Staff


Shane is happy to help you find that perfect addition to your little piece of backyard paradise!


Jamie recently joined our team and is very helpful and friendly.  


Lisa has been with us since 2012 and very customer focused.  She is a go getter and our comic relief!  She jumps in for retail sales, wholesale sales, online sales, and is our resident essential oil expert.   


 Margie is part-time in our sales area.  She is knowledgeable and helpful when customers are searching for that special focal point for their garden or lanai. 


 Alex joined us in 2018 and has become a great addition to our sales staff.  She goes out of her way to help customers and a great eye for detail in keeping the shelves tidy and stocked. 


 Danny joined the family in 2015 and never stops!  He does all of the packing for our wholesale shipments and still manages to have time to organize the warehouse of inventory and is our excellent painter keeping everything on the property looking fresh.  

Bamboo Farm



Rob has been with us since 2012.  He is the bamboo expert.   You will enjoy spending time with him as he shares his passion for plants and the beautiful outdoors.  Ask to see the mature bamboo plants in our landscape so you can visualize a tropical clumping bamboo in your yard.



Sheila is full of plant and bamboo knowledge in addition to giving advice on the perfect pot or pot grouping for your garden.  We carry a handful of plants that are easy to grow to compliment the landscape bamboo and pottery that we sell.  We were lucky to have her return to our staff in 2016.

The Yard Guys



The fountain maker!  Kenny joined the team in 2012 and is very skilled in turning any Vietnamese pot into a beautiful fountain.  His is an excellent fork lift operator and handy in many maintenance issues.  Let him help you get that tranquil fountain for your home!



Thomas was our only hire in 2017.  We think that it says a lot that our great staff stays with us.  Thomas was the perfect addition with his willingness to jump in and help in any way needed.  Online and retail sales and packing are his specialities.



Sam also is knowledgable about all the vast inventory we sell.  He is very patient and helpful as customers search for that perfect addition to their garden oasis.  Even when the guys are busy working with organizing and cleaning around the stacks of pottery in the yard, they are keeping an eye out for you to jump over and help.


Gustavo and John go to Vietnam

Having fun while visiting the factories.

Join Our Team


Looking for work?

We are always looking for smiling faces to help customers and fellow teammates.  We try to hire from folks that have dropped off resumes or applications first before advertising on Indeed for open positions.  We are a year round operation.


Our Family of Suppliers

We could not be successful of offering such unique items without the families from across the world supplying their handmade creations that are part of their generations of craftsmanship.  We maintain longstanding relationships with these families and are honored to distribute their wares.