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23 Varieties available

Open pdf file to see sizes and charactistics of each variety of tropical clumping bamboo that we sell.

We have most all varieties planted on our grounds so you can see what a mature plant will look like.  We can describe it here or on the phone, but seeing the plants in person is the absolute best way to find the one that "speaks" to you.  

Tropical Clumping Bamboo - This is not running bamboo


Bamboo Farm sells tropical clumping bamboo in 3, 7, & 15 gallon sizes

Each variety of bamboo will have a different look.  Some have very slender canes with tiny leaves, while giant varieties will have large canes and large leaves.  Canes can be green, black, blue, yellow, and striped.  Most leaves are green, but we have one that has variegated leaves.  Each person will have their own personal favorite that suits your taste.  Come and see which one you fall in love with!


"Zen" ify your garden

Dwarf Buddha Belly makes an excellent focal point


Create Privacy Hedges that whisper to you...

The wind causes the canes to wave and sway creating a gentle knocking sound.  Very calming and soothing addition to your yard.